Hunter Brucks Bio

Hunter Brucks (pronounce Brook's) describes his music as.

"Motor City Soul Meets Southern Rock N Roll."

Hunter comes from a proud upbringing as a Michigan farmer's son. Born in a town called "Maybee" might seem like an ironic lyric from one of his songs but he was actually raised in Maybee, Michigan. He is one of six children in a family that worked hard, played hard, and loved harder. Hunter was instilled with two very significant ideals from his father, "a strong work ethic," and "a love for the guitar." He has been performing since his "idol and best friend," his Father handed him a guitar at the age of six. "I am Always striving to be successful for "the right reasons" and refusing to fall into the typical "cookie-cutter sounds the same" category often seen in today's music, said Hunter while reflecting on his Fathers influences.

Hunter's voice contains essence of Don Henley and Jon Bon Jovi but do not ever think that he is simply imitating these iconic musicians. What you hear is the complex sounds of Hunter Brucks reaching to the depths of his soul to tell the story of the twists and turns of his life. This self proclaimed "Bad Ass" will take you to the top of the mountain and back down again painting a vivid picture all the way. The ability to be a songwriter is something that Hunter takes very serious. He is always searching for a way to take the joys, loves, losses, and uplifting moments and add a melody that will capture your heart and cause you to ponder the story he tells even after the music has stopped. "I feel like when I do a show, people can really relate to me because I can get up and rock hard and then stop by the side of the road after the show to pull someone's car out of the ditch," Hunter said.

Hunter is no novice to the music industry; he has been on the road earning his stripes since the early 70's. "I was taught if you want something bad enough then you have to do the hard work yourself." He proved this by selling 11,000 copies of 91's "License to Kill" from the trunk of his car.

Late in 1996, Hunter took his music to Nashville and almost immediately garnered support from legendary rock/country producer, Milan Bogdan, as well as the renowned Emerald Sound Studios. Emerald is the recording home of such artists as Reba McEntire, George Strait, Bon Jovi, Lynyrd Skynyrd, and Bad Company. They now reserved a space on their wall of fame for Brucks, who recorded there himself. Hunter's body of work caught the attention of Joel Katz (arguably the top music industry lawyer in the country) and he agreed to shop it to major labels in New York and Los Angeles.

Hunter Brucks has been labeled in Nashville as being convicted, committed, and confident and on the cutting edge with a modern sound while remaining true to his roots. In 1998 he was signed to BMI in Nashville as a songwriter, he is also the first ever to secure an endorsement deal from Gibson Guitars Nashville without being signed to a major label.

He continues to capture the ears of today's market place. Brucks has worked with and is respected by the best in the industry like ZZ Top, Hank Williams Jr., Kenny Rogers, Ty Herndon, Trick Pony, Keith Anderson, Miranda Lambert, Richard Marx, Lenny Kravtz, REO Speedwagon, Lee Roy Parnell, and Ted Nugent. His work cannot only be heard on the radio but also, in movies like Escanaba in da Moonlight, Gholies 2, The Utouchables, and more. You may even hear the sounds of Hunter Brucks in TV commercials like Ford's "Take A Ride In A Ford," and the commercial for the Tractor's Supply Company with George Straight. Brucks has been nominated for the Motorcity Music Awards three times, performed on CBS's "Stars Of Tomorrow," and won the Midwest Colgate Country Showdown.

"My Favorites" Hunters fifth album released in early 2006 to help raise money after the death of a friend contains the twists, angst and love that we all experience in our lives. This album will uplift you, make you wish you were a teenager again, remind you of those you love and those you have lost. Throw the CD in some quiet evening and you will learn all you need to know about Hunter Brucks and maybe even a little bit about yourself.

The new album "Driven" due out in late 2007 contains everything you would expect from Hunter Brucks and some things you may not. Hunter has written a song and recorded a song called "Second Chance," The song will be used in a DVD to raise money for "U of M's Transplant Center's Camp Michitanki for kids."

You will regret not taking time to experience this energetic all around musician who is proud of his work and the most gracious man you will ever meet!